If you wish to see our garments for their quality and try them for our fit then please find them stocked at the following multi-designer stores:

  • Cinnamon, Bangalore
  • Monsoon,Ahmedabad
  • Either Or, Pune
  • Maalgadi,Chennai
  • Toile,Kolkata
  • Anonym,Hyderabad
  • Monsoon,Surat
  • Paper Boat Collective,Goa
  • Pepper House Design,Kochi
  • Teatro Dhora, Jaipur & Mumbai
  • Canvas & Weaves
  • Nykaa


Contact us with details of your style and size if you wish to try a particular garment,we"ll try to have it sent to any of the above stores for you to try.

We also actively participate in exhibitions across the country to tap the right kind of audience.

Subscribe to our mailing list or Contact/Whatsapp us for details of our upcoming shows in your city on +917069024893