We, at AlterEgo, take immense pride in the rich history and culture of our country and hope to invoke the same pride in the youth of this country. We are dedicated to using only hand-woven fabrics, organic dyes and local crafts to manufacture our products. We source the fabrics and supervise the printing at the grass roots level to ensure that we deliver absolutely natural, organic and chemical free products.

Alter ego’ means ‘second self’. We truly believe that each citizen of this country is an Indian at heart, no matter where they are. Through our products, we hope to strike a chord with today’s generation and reconnect them with their roots. We craft eclectic apparel that are the perfect blend of traditional and modern, to demonstrate the versatility of age-old Indian techniques and crafts. We aim to create products that will appeal to today’s global citizen, and help them rediscover their alter ego.We select the artisans personally, by travelling to different parts of India, hence promising genuine products of superior quality only. We have tried to integrate our love for travel and gaining new experiences with our commitment to deliver the best quality products our country can create.

AlterEgo promotes the indigenous crafts of this country by using the age-old Indian techniques of weaving, organic block printing and embroidery native to different parts of our country.
We manufacture a wide range of apparel, which includes tunics, dresses, kurtas and a variety of bottoms. We have tried to master the perfect combination of contemporary designs created with traditional crafts, hoping to deliver products with a universal appeal.


AlterEgo set its foot in the world of fashion in mid-2016 and we have been working towards the promotion of "Make in India" ever since. Our products beam of minimalism and the art of slow living. Working with fabrics that are handwoven by craftsmen from different parts of the country has been an experience altogether and we learn a lot about the different Indian crafts each day. We personally overlook the entire process of making the fabrics that we use in our products mainly because of our own curiosity about the art of making fabric and to spread awareness of this craft.

Our designs are of simple silhouettes which draws one's attention towards the true craft of the textile since we feel that it is necessary to keep the essence of the fabric intact. We work keeping one thing in mind, and we’re sure all the other eco-conscious brands do the same, and that is to promote sustainability and traditional Indian crafts. We are a part of a movement. We are not different. It’s about making a difference and we don’t intend on doing it alone (we need all the help we can get). Because at the end of the day, saving the environment is more important than standing out in a crowd.

At AlterEgo, we have always believed in restoring the craft of textile and have always made sure to keep the essence of our fabrics intact. We feel that minimalism is the key to promote the true art of any fabric and it should be showcased with pride. We have the advantage of being exposed to the artisanal textiles and we want to bring this knowledge and craft to the people. We feel it is a necessity today to adopt natural and organic fabrics because that is one way we all can contribute to a better environment. The fabrics we use are a statement in themselves and hence, all our designs are simplistic. Our creative process always rolls around this ideology. We develop all our collections using artistic fabrics and minimal silhouettes that speak for themselves.

We have been working with weavers across the country to source only the best of the fabrics. We feel that comfort is the one thing that people look for when they purchase clothing and we want to give to the people the softest, most breathable fabrics. We design our clothing line only after we examine the fabrics, keeping in mind what silhouettes would work best for the fabric because keeping the essence of the fabric intact is very important to us.

However, creating garments using handloom fabrics is not enough. What good is it going to do if we use handloom fabric but disregard the issue of fabric wastage? We at AlterEgo made a conscious effort to develop designs that result in minimal wastage. This aspect of a sustainable clothing brand is as important as the aspect of choosing handloom fabrics over man-made fabrics. It's no news that landfill wastage is one of the most devastating outcomes of fashion today, and to revise that, we need to make drastic changes in our day-to-day actions. 

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